Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ringing in the New Year

I know - this is a tad late but that's better than never, huh? Because the web's a very eclectic place with lots of places where people talk I decided to come back in here to make things a little clearer on how this blog's probably going to work.
This is the book's blog - it's all about the book. Mostly. In the sense of what's in it, what the stories are about, who's done what writing, where you can find those people (when they want to be found) - that kind of thing.
So this isn't Sian's (or Jan's) blog - it's Dreamless Roads the book's blog and we're hoping that people will come here to find out more about us and the stories and generally chinwag, hang out, or whatever else people want to do including the writers who contributed, but also, we hope, the people who read the book and want to find out a little more or just want to say something about what appealed - or didn't. That kind of thing

So feel free to comment wherever and however you like, or. if you're a contributor, to make suggestions on what other info or discussions you'd like to open up - whatever you like!